Ten By Ten Wines captures the fearless spirit of a classic American family and the land they call home.

Fearless & Loud!

In early California history, these Sierra Foothills were home to many immigrants that left everything behind to try their luck mining the land for gold. In those early days they were granted claims, many of them sized at ten feet square or Ten by Ten. Today the Klanns’ work larger plots of this same land for a very different reward, mining the Sierra Foothills for wines of distinction.

We All Have A Story

Scott Klann, founder of Calaveras County’s iconic Newsome Harlow Wines, is ecstatic that his kids have chosen to enter the family business. Newsome Harlow is all about Scott’s passion for wine and love of music, especially from the 1970s and 80s alternative and punk rock era. Sydney and Sebastian love that music too, but want the Ten By Ten wines to evoke a sense of Americana. More rural and fearless. Like those pioneering immigrants who risked it all to mine California’s Sierra Foothills region for their fortunes. Sydney and Sebastian aim to capture the Gen Z vibe the way their father’s winery has captured the Gen X spirit.

We Are Hands On.

And we may get in touch. Until then, drink wine.